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Oil valve - BMW M50TU/M52/M52TU/M56/M56

Valve supplied without a spring.
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BMW E34 E36 E38 E39 E46 E53 E60 E65 E85



It is necessary to remove the oil filter housing, you just need to Unscrew the oil filter cap, wait until oil flows from the body into the sump.
Remove the air filter, remove the generator insulation of a positive wire.
Unscrew the oil filter housing with the power steering pump.
Disconnect the connectors from the pressure sensors and oil temperature.
To remove the body it is attached to the engine block for BMW 6 screws under the key 13.
Laying the body needs to be replaced!
So it is better to replace the ring on the lid of the oil filter housing (M52TU, М54, M56).
Remove the old valve. Remove the spring and keep it.
The new valve without the spring.
Install the spring in a new valve.
Wash the body of the Deposit and balance valve should be purged.
Press-fit new oil filter housing check valve, BMW M50 M52 M50TU M52TU M56 М54 is not the way, and to fit the plane.
Repair the oil filter housing BMW full.
Putting it in reverse order.