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PMC Stage 2 Adapter kit Toyota JZ/1JZ/2JZ - BMW M54/S50/S52/ZF310/ZF320 M3 Getrag 420 - Twin Disc Tilton Engineering

Toyota JZ/1JZ/2JZ engine -> BMW M54/S50/S52/ZF310/ZF320 M3 Getrag 420 gearbox
Produsenten: PMC Motorsport

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This set includes:

  • Aluminium gearbx adapter plate
  • Custom flywheel
  • Necessary assembly screws
  • Tilton Engineering OT-ll Cerametallic Pressure Plate 7,25" 66-302HGG (triple disc)
  • Tilton sintered discs pack 7.25"184mm 23x29-10N (2disc)

The Engine list:

  • Toyota 1JZ-GE / 1JZ-GTE / 1JZ-FSE
  • Toyota 2JZ-GE / 2JZ-GTE / 2JZ-FSE

Gearbox list:

  • S5D-250G S5D250 5-Speed
    • BMW E36 M50 M52 320i 323i 325i 323ti 325is
    • BMW E34 M50 520i 525i
    • BMW E39 M52 M54 520i 523i 525i
    • BMW E46 M52 M54 M56 320i 323i 325i
    • BMW Z3 2.0 2.5 2.2i
  • S5D-310 ZF 310 / ZF310 S5-31 5-Speed
    • BMW E34 525i USA
  • S5D-320 ZF 320 / ZF320 S5-32 5-Speed
    • BMW E36 328i M3 3.2 M3 323i
    • BMW E38 728i
    • BMW E39 528i 530i 523i 525i
    • BMW E46 328i 330i
    • BMW Z3 2.8 3.0 M 3.2 S54
  • BMW E36 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAB 226.0.0161.91 6-Speed (anbefalet)

Additional information:

  • Loosen the rear water hose and lift it over the adapter.
  • Use only one "thicker" distance (spacer) between the engine block and the rim (gear).
  • Replace the original Toyota JZ starter.
  • The flywheel should be tightened with the same torque as the Toyota OEM.
  • The required adjustment of the slave pump (change of the pump to a smaller one - piston diameter or shortening of the pump stroke).
  • Requires BMW OEM 23 11 7 501 714 guide tube shortening.

Max torque: 900Nm/663.6 lb/ft
Flywheel type: Single disc
Spline: 23x29-10N
Spline Count: 10

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Toyota motorkode1JZ-GE
Toyota motorkode1JZ-GTE
Toyota motorkode1JZ-FSE
Toyota motorkode2JZ-GE
Toyota motorkode2JZ-GTE
Toyota motorkode2JZ-FSE
GearkasseE36 M3