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    Canton Racing

    Canton Racing Accusump

    Canton Racing Accusumps er oljereservoarer som kobles til motorens oljesystem. De er designet for å samle trykkolje fra motoren din og lagre den slik at den kan tømmes når oljetrykket er lavt. Canton Racing Accusump oljeakkumulatorer leverer olje før de begynner å eliminere tørrskraping (pre-oljing). De tømmer også olje under lavt oljetrykk for å beskytte mot motorskader under krevende racingforhold.

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    Accusump 2 QT - Oil Accumulator - No Valve

    The 2 Quart Accusump is ideal for surge control on small block V-8, V-6, and 4 cylinder engines as well as pre-oiling for all engines. Has a 12" long and 4-1/4" dia. body.
    kr 3.492,74 (NOK) eksl mva

    Accusump 2 QT - Oil Accumulator - KIT

    This 2 quart Marine Accusump kit is for pre-oiling and surge control on all applications. Tube is 12" long with 4-1/4" Dia. All components are anodized aluminum, stainless, or brass. The kit comes with a liquid filled stainless steel pressure gauge, stainless steel mounting clamps, brass safety valve, E. P. C. valve system, on / off switch, wire and terminals and installation instructions.
    kr 8.227,33 (NOK) eksl mva kr 7.916,87 (NOK) eksl mva

    Accusump 3 QT - Oil Accumulator - No Valve

    The 3 Quart Accusump is ideal for V-8 and high horsepower V-6 and 4 cylinders engines. It is the original and has been providing pre-oiling and surge protection in all types of racing and recreational vehicles for over 30 years. Has a 16" long and 4-1/4" dia. body.
    kr 3.570,35 (NOK) eksl mva

    Accusump Pro Electric Valve Kit - 24-270X

    The Electric Accusump Valve kit provides a convenient way of operating the Accusump.
    kr 2.670,00 (NOK) eksl mva