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2½" KN "style" luftfilter - 63mm. K&N Clamp-on 500 hk.

Length: 240mm.

Tilgjengelighet 100 på lager

Varenummer: Loft-MP-AFT708-2.5
kr 524,85 (NOK)

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Good effect with KN air filter

If you need more power out of your car, a KN filter can help add extra air to the engine. There is better review in a KN air filter than if you chose a regular standard air filter. You can combine an air filter with a sports catalytic converter, some larger exhaust,. some sharp knobs and chip tuning . When you are about to buy an air filter, you can think a little ahead and possibly. buy a K&N cleaning kit so you always have an air filter that flower max.

Produkter spesifikasjoner
Attribute name Attribute value
Tommer / mm. 2.5" / 63mm.